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Create An Account

Before you start a submission create an account with us. It's quick and easy!

Choose Tier

Now that you have an account, choose one of our four options; Economy, Standard, Electric or PC (Personal Collection).

Complete Submission

Complete the easy-to-use submission form downloaded at the checkout to let us know which cards you'll be submitting. Add the required information for each card along with the FREE option of picking your label.

Pack & Ship Cards

The last step is to package and ship your cards. It’s important to pack your cards securely so that they reach us safely. Place each card in a penny sleeve, then each one in a semi rigid holder. Safely package your cards in between card board and bubble wrap. Place the protected cards and a copy of your invoice and submission form in a sturdy box. Once this is complete it's ready to ship!

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Electric's grading process starts with our trained staff receiving your cards, checking them in and matching them with your submitted data and paperwork.

Every card gets a detailed review to make sure that it matches the information provided in the submission process.


Electric's team of professional graders examine every card ensuring the highest level of accuracy. Each card goes through our 4 tier grading system; centering, corners, edges and surface.

Electric's graphic design team then creates the label based on the option you've chosen. The graphic designer puts together a beautiful vibrant label to match the card.


After the grading and label creation, the card is then encapsulated in Electric's tamper proof slab with the certification number on the backside of the label for authenticity.

The encapsulated card is then entered into our database using your unique Authentication Code located on the back of your label.

Baseball Slab
Packing Order

The finished product is then packaged and boxed with protective packing materials and shipped back to you.

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